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Fifth Element

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Fifth Element is the fifth full-system preview release of Infinity. Fifth Element features new releases of libi8x and I8C, and an initial release of the libi8x's Python bindings. Fifth Element was released November 2, 2017.


Changes since Infinity Forth Bridge


  • Debug interpreter defaults to on if log level >= LOG_DEBUG at xctx creation time.
  • I8X_DEBUG env var renamed as I8X_DBG_MEM
  • i8x_xctx_call type-checks arguments, and return values from native functions
  • testsuite now supports tests written in Python as well as in C
  • New tests (in Python!)
  • Local functions!


  • Can now build as non-static for installation.
  • Exceptions in user-supplied logger functions are now handled correctly. (They appear as soon as possible, rather than being dumped to stderr and appearing in Python "whenever")
  • More low-level layer tests.
  • Various bugfixes and enhancements in the low-level layer.


  • I8X now uses libi8x to execute Infinity functions if libi8x-python is installed.
  • Huge number of symbol name calculation bugfixes.