Sixth Sense

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Sixth Sense is the sixth full-system preview release of Infinity... hopefully the first series submitted as PATCH to glibc and GDB (i.e. not just an RFA)

Changes since Infinity Fifth Element


Useful Information

  • Remote debugging with GDB
  • gdb -iex "set auto-load safe-path /home/gary/work/glibc/infinity/build64/nptl_db" -iex "set libthread-db-search-path /home/gary/work/glibc/infinity/build64/nptl_db" -p 13673
  • gdb -iex "target extended-remote | /home/gary/work/archer/infinity/build64/gdb/gdbserver/gdbserver --multi -" -iex "monitor set libthread-db-search-path /home/gary/work/glibc/infinity/build64/nptl_db" -p 14223