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Fifth Element

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Fifth Element is the fifth full-system preview release of Infinity. Fifth Element features new releases of libi8x and I8C, and an initial release of the libi8x's Python bindings. Fifth Element was released November 2, 2017.
== Changes since Infinity Forth Bridge ==
=== libi8x ===
* Debug interpreter defaults to on if log level >= LOG_DEBUG at xctx create creation time.
* I8X_DEBUG env var renamed as I8X_DBG_MEM
* i8x_xctx_call type-checks arguments, and return values from native functions
* testsuite now supports tests written in Python as well as in C
* New tests (in Python!)
* Local functions!
=== libi8x-python ===
* More low-level layer tests.
* Various bugfixes and enhancements in the low-level layer.
=== I8C ===
* I8X now uses libi8x to execute Infinity functions if libi8x-python is installed.
* Huge number of symbol name calculation bugfixes.

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